Web Hosting

Our Web Hosting services include:

Shared Hosting

A cheap solution of hosting for sites with not that high trafic,perfect for starters or sites with few pages.

Dedicated Servers

For established sites with steady high trafic volumes.

Geo targeting Hosting

We can provide hosting in specific countries and all regions for better results.

About Web Hosting

An Internet hosting service that offers packages to place a website on the World Wide Web is how the job of a web hosting services company would be described. Such a few words, however, cannot fully explain the complexity that such an operation involves. Internet connectivity involves a myriad of complicated tasks that run silently, unseen by the users of cyberspace.

These days, web hosting has become a wasteland of non-existent servers and out of business companies. In many ways, this mirrors the devolution of the Internet as a whole, considering that many sites are wrought over with broken links and empty content. However, there are still a few firms that provide a high level of service. Such a web hosting services company in Greece is a rare find that should truly be appreciated by its clientele.

The owners of personal web pages may be quite content with a single page-hosting package. Small-scale file hosting, where an individual uploads singular files via an FTP upload system, is also suitable for diminutive operations. However, in today’s fast paced world of web content development, far more advanced services are often requested.

Database Support

Database support is one of the more common advanced options that are growing in necessity today, fueled by content developed with PHP and MySQL based technologies. Application development platforms, like the Java programming language and technologies based on the ASP.NET architecture, have continued the trend towards Internet based resources performing tasks that only standalone applications could previously perform.


The benefits of web hosting resources in Greece are limitless. With easy access to Internet hosting packages, Greek businesses could easily make the jump into e-commerce and enjoy the economic benefits of performing digital transactions. Moreover, the World Wide Web instantly opens up truly international markets for trade.

Endless Possibilities

Academic and personal needs, too, would easily be served by Greek web hosting resources. Tech savvy personal users can develop slick content for their own webpages. Schools and universities who post academic resources online reap the benefits of the digital age. Religious and political institutions find the Internet to be a low cost way of disseminating information. The possibilities are truly endless.

A web hosting service is a form of the internet hosting service that allows the users to present their own website accessible through the internet. Web hosts are those companies that offer space on the server they own or lease for use in addition to providing internet access. Web hosting companies can also provide connectivity to the servers as well as the data centre space.

Multiple Wbsites

With the current competitive scenario, web hosting companies are forced to offer better features for less. These features include unlimited bandwidth and domains, unlimited mail boxes along with free MySQL databases. For all those who wish to possess multiple websites, the unlimited packages are ideal since setting up separate account might turn out to be expensive. Quite a lot of web hosting providers also offer features such as a website builder with pre-installed templates that can simplify the web building process. Control panel is one of the most popular features offered by the web hosts, whereas the cPanel X offered by them is an advanced interface and highly user-friendly. The control panel is equipped with various high-end features such as the advanced traffic statistics which would explain where the traffic is coming from and what information on your website is being viewed the most. Fantastico is another feature contained in the cPanel X that involves a range of auto-installing scripts for all kinds of websites.

Types of Hosting

There are several kinds of hosting from business hosting to PHP hosting and it would be ideal to identify the hosting type that complements your online business the most. Some web hosting companies offer a trial version of their services. Hence the users can find out if the hosting packages are in sync with their business requirements. In addition, there are hundreds of websites on the internet that present an unbiased review of all the web hosting companies, to facilitate the users with all the information.

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